Student Scholarships

Scholarship applications are now open for students to undertake placements in rural areas. Scholarships are available to students from University’s with unlimited NAFEA membership. Further information on student scholarships can be found here.

Applications Close: 1st March

Project Grant Program

The Project Grant Program provides funding for NAFEA members to undertake research/projects in the area of work integrated learning.

Applications are invited on topics related to one of the following themes:

  • Improvement of WIL administrative processes;
  • Use of technology to enhance WIL administrative processes;
  • Evaluation of the benefits of industry partners/organisations hosting students;
  • Development of resources that support students, industry partners/organisations and supervisors on placement;
  • Equity and access to WIL;
  • Rural and remote WIL.

Please read through the program guidelines carefully and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before applying. To apply, complete the NAFEA Project Grant Program Application Template.

For an example of an application, see the NAFEA Project Grant Application Example.

On completion of your project, you will be required to present your project at a NAFEA event as well as complete the NAFEA Project Report Template.

Applications Close:

Previous Projects:

NAFEA Outstanding Awards

The Outstanding Awards Program publicly recognises the achievements of NAFEA members in the area of work integrated learning or field experience administration. The Outstanding Awards Program acknowledges NAFEA members who have made a significant and outstanding contribution to enhancing and improving practices. The Program aims to highlight and promote the achievements of NAFEA members. See the attached eligibility criteria for further information.

Nominations close:

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program provides funding for NAFEA members to undertake professional development. Expected outcomes of the program include the enhancement of professional and vocational knowledge and skills of the member on a personal level and that these learnings and knowledge are shared with other NAFEA members. Further information can be found here.

Applications Close:

Survey Feedback
The Professional Development Program has been offered to members for the past two years. The Program provides funding for NAFEA members to undertake professional development to enhance their skills, professional and vocational knowledge on a personal level.

It’s now time to review what our Professional Development Program can offer and what will meet our members’ needs. I need your feedback and suggestions so that NAFEA can provide you with quality professional development opportunities. This short survey may only take a few minutes of your time but your responses can make a huge difference in what we will be able to develop for you in the future.

Survey Feedback Due: closed