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NAFEA believes in the transformative nature a positive WIL experience can have on a student’s future, however, undertaking WIL represents a series of challenges for students and is associated with heightened stress due to increased financial, carer and life stressors. NAFEA is committed to assisting to make WIL accessible to all students through direct student support and support for our members working in this important space. As a response to our commitment in this space, in mid-2017 NAFEA introduced scholarships for students to undertake placement in regional/rural and remote settings.

In the two years since commencing the program NAFEA has awarded over $85,000 in scholarship money to over 60 students undertaking placements in rural and remote Australia.

We are looking for organisations to partner with NAFEA to offer financial support for students to undertake placement in regional/rural and remote locations.

Student Stories

I have developed richly as a graduate teacher, young community leader and Australian citizen, and I am incredibly grateful for the NAFEA Team that made it financially possible: this experience has become a catalyst for my future engagement in indigenous and bilingual education and will continue shaping me as an educator for years to come!

Ben - Placement at Yirrkala, NTPlanning on returning to a remote setting as an early-career teacher

Before completing this placement, I had no intention of considering working in a rural setting. After experiencing the sense of community and greater breadth of clinical knowledge and skills required, I would certainly consider working in a rural setting. The NT has certainly won my heart.
However, none of this would have been possible without the generous support from NAFEA. Relocating to a different part of Australia for seven weeks came with significant financial constraints. It was because of NAFEA that I could fully immerse myself in an incredible experience without being held back by the costs of living. Thank you NAFEA for all you do to support students like myself.

Emma - Placement at Palmerston, NT

This rural experience allowed for professional growth within myself. I gained experience and knowledge around the diversity of health between metropolitan and rural settings and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

Kimberley - Placement at Mt Isa, QLD

I saw and learnt a lot on Elcho island in terms of culture and educational challenges. This experience has helped me to begin to understand as well as given me a wonderful insight and respect for Aboriginal cultures. I use the word ‘begin’ as I only scraped the surface. There are many Aboriginal cultures throughout Australia and this experience has helped me to begin to understand and respect individually the Aboriginal and Torres Strait values, culture and challenges….It was a wonderful, valuable and rewarding experience that I will never forget. I hope to see my new friends again one day. I recommend if you get the opportunity to do a placement in community to take it with both hands and be open minded. Thank you again to the NAFEA for your support.

Georgina - placement at Elcho Island, NT

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